Answers to QuestionsΒ 


Q: What is the best diet to follow

A: Personally I would say none of them. I have had success following a structured diet plan, but eventually following something like that can backfire when you stop it. My advice would be to have everything in moderation, keeping it healthy with fresh fruit and veg, eating lean meat, small amounts of fat and sugar, this way you incorporate everything and can sustain this regime longer than cutting something out completely. 

Q: How many calories do I need to burn to lose 1lb of fat? 

A: A general rule is that 3,500 calories equals 1lb.. So if you eat 3,500 calories extra a week you’ll gain 1lb and if you burn 3,500 calories a week, you should lose 1lb. However this is just a rough guide based on advised average intake. If you take 3,500 and divide it by 7 days, you should try and burn an extra 500 calories a day through exercise. So maybe a half hour run, a one hour cycle, an hour gym session etc. 

Q: How do I find time to exercise when I work full time? 

A: To be honest, everyone likes to use this as a reason to not work out, but any kind of exercise is better than doing nothing. I personally use 20-30 minutes when I get home from work, before I make my dinner, to go and workout. I don’t do this everyday, but doing it twice to three times a week are better than doing nothing. I think if you really want to do it, you will find the time. It may mean awkward times of day: early morning or later at night. You don’t need a huge amount of time, you only need 15-30 minutes of something high intensity, get your heart rate up and work up a sweat and your done! It’s better than sitting doing nothing! 

Q: Even though I’m eating healthily and exercising regular, I’m not losing weight, what’s happening? 

A: You may not be losing weight, but you may be losing inches. Something that was a bit tight may suddenly fit better and then you’ll have what’s called a “non scale victory” these are good motivators when you think it’s not going anywhere. You may also be gaining muscle mass. A lot of people who bulk up and become more toned tend to sometimes weigh more than when they began because muscle weighs more than fat, it’s just leaner. Don’t panic, just keep pushing and you’ll get there. 

Q: How long after working out should I wait to eat and what type of food would be best?

A: You can eat as soon as you like after working out, there is no time restraint. In my opinion the best type of food to eat after a workout would be something fairly high in protein, to keep you full and help repair your muscles (see my post on protein for more info). Combine this with a small amount of carbs for energy and you’re set. 

If looking to build muscle or lose fat, a protein supplement like a shake or bar are ideal after workout protein sources. If you take this within 15-20 minutes of your workout you body will get the full effect of the hit of protein. 

Q: What are good healthy snacks to get me through a long work day?

A: My first answer will always be fruit! Fruit is my favourite option for a mid morning snack, not a huge amount as it does have a lot of sugar, but a moderate amount. Some nuts or seeds are also good options: I like to make up small snack packs of almonds (about a handful) to take with me. Fruit yogurts are a good small choice. I personally opt for Activia Fruit yogurt ( i actually can’t get enough of these, I have them practically every day). A good savoury option is my home made tortilla chips. Check out the recipe on my recipes section. 

So there you go. There are some questions I have been asked. Keep them coming in and I’ll do another post sometime πŸ‘


Q & A

  For a while I’ve been hoping to do a Q&A session, but between being on holiday and then getting back to work I haven’t gotten round to it πŸ˜” 

I love looking at inspirational Instagram and Twitter feeds to help me on my journey and I want to do the same for others. So here it is, ask me anything and I will do my best to give you an answer. You can send me questions by replying to this post, direct messaging me on Twitter (Twitter info below) or emailing me ( 

I will post another blog post with a collection of the questions and my answers, keeping everything anonymous for the people who have asked ☺️ 

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My goals for the week ahead

Every Sunday night, while getting ready and preparing for the forthcoming week, I like to set out a plan for myself and set myself some goals to focus on and work towards.  
This week I thought I would give you all an insight into the type of goals that I set myself. Now being a health and fitness account, it won’t be surprising to note that these goals are related to my ongoing attempt at improving my fitness, losing weight and generally living a healthier lifestyle. I like to take it week by week (sometimes during tough weeks breaking it down to day by day) to try and keep myself focused. 

This week, having not long returned from holiday, I didn’t have any goals other than to start to lose a few of the pounds I gained while away. I managed to do this; losing 2lbs and setting myself up nicely to begin the countdown to Christmas. 

During my holiday my only goal was to gain as little as possible because surprisingly, even surprising myself, I managed to maintain my fitness by going out for a 5km run for four mornings and even managing a gym session on another morning, thus keeping my fitness level up ☺️

So this week, on a high from my success at maintaining my fitness and making a start at losing my holiday weight, I have had a positive approach to my goals, which are as follows:

  • Aim to lose 1-2lbs this weekπŸ”½2⃣ – I always keep my weight loss goals fairly small, so as not to put too much pressure on myself, possibly resulting in failing.
  • Workout once at the gym🎽 – I don’t base all my workouts at the gym, so as long as I go once to make use of some different cardio options, I’m happy. 
  • Run at least 3 times in the week – I mix this up between a treadmill (which I have an old one of at home) and going outside running. As long as I get a good paced run in after work (or in the morning beforehand if I’m not too lazy) then that keeps me satisfied.
  • Do one big run πŸƒ (as well as the 3 separate small runs) – at the weekend I tend to go for a bigger run. During the week after work I like to run a quick (or quick for me) 3km, so at the weekend I like to go out for a bigger run, anything over 5km, usually ranging between 5-10km. 
  • Eat more fruit πŸŽπŸŠπŸ“πŸŒ – I did get into a good habit of having fruit as my mid morning snack at work, but fell out of this routine after summer, so I will aim to have fruit 2-3 times this week as a snack. 
  • Drink more green tea 🍡- My water intake is more than adequate, drinking at least 1.5L a day (not counting water with meals) so I want to try and get into the habit of drinking one cup of green tea per day, for something different and for the metabolism boosting benefits it has (hopefully) ☺️

So there they are πŸ‘ Follow me on Instagram (@health_fitness_13)Twitter (@healthfoodtips1) to keep up with my progress (if you’re interested obviously πŸ™Š)  
Have a good week everyone ☺️